Shluchim Strengthened for a Post-Corona World

Shluchim and school leaders worldwide were empowered by the CECE’s remarkable Leadership Conference, coming away with practical tools for these tough post-Corona times.

Shluchim and school leaders from around the world joined the CECE – Chabad Early Childhood Education Network – at the Leadership Conference on Monday July 27th.

Participants were enthralled by each speaker, learning and growing on a personal level and gaining practical tools that will guide them through these tough post- Corona times.

Eight renowned speakers addressed the audience on various topics, from fundraising to decision making to effective marketing in a world that battles to recover from the Coronavirus.

“Excellent lineup of speakers,” wrote Rabbi Shmuli Silberstein, shliach to Manatonka. “In addition to being great presenters, personally I find them to be very relevant, informative and practical. Thank you for arranging such a meaningful event.”

The CECE Network cares about the success of every mosad. That is why each speaker and their topic was handpicked. CECE aims to link arms with shluchim and help them be the best leaders that they can be despite uncertainty, CECE provides the means with which to rise to the challenge and overcome it. This masterclass not only inspired but more importantly, empowered leaders.

The day began with a dvar Torah by Rabbi Shais Taub, setting the tone for the event, delving into what true leadership is. “Good leaders create followers. Great leaders create leaders. That was the Rebbe’s greatness. Not only did he lead, he was a source of leadership in others.”

Mr. Bill Begal, President of The Gift Of Life – Bone Marrow Registry shared his fascinating story conveying how he worked his way up to the position he holds today. “Every moment is sacred,” he said, revealing the value of a moment and the impact we can have on those around us in just a single encounter. A key takeaway was: Help people see how helping you in your work as a privilege of being part of making the world a better place.

They also heard from CEO Of Oneicity Mr. Steve Thomas about effective fundraising and how to create meaningful relationships with donors that are mutually beneficial. Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman, Slichach to Intown, Atlanta and Shlichus Coach shared decision making strategies and Chabad House protocol in times of crisis.

Business strategist and entrepreneur Mrs. Abbey Wolin, presented a goal setting technique that empowers you to stick to the plan and follow through with it to fruition. Mr. Kivi Bernhard, author and public speaker gave chizuk to the audience by explaining the art of lemonade and transforming a seemingly negative situation into something meaningful and innovative.

Problems can be solved with creativity. Mr. Carlos Wigle, marketer and creative director illustrated how to view your program as a brand, find your unique qualities and convey your message to the world with creativity. Mrs. Devora Krasnianski, director of the CECE Network closed out the day with a discussion about the value of action, providing a pathway between inspiration and actualization.

“Yesterday, on the conference, I felt so proud to be a member of CECE,” said CECE member Mrs. Leah Shemtov. “The event was really quite incredible! Each speaker was top notch and brought so much value.”

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The CECE Network is a project of the Shluchim Office, generously sponsored by the Walder Foundation.

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