Shluchim Online School Offers Tips for Distance Learning

With many schools closing because of coronavirus, the Nigri International Online School offers some useful tips for online learning.

Coronavirus has changed the world a lot in the last three weeks. Colleges across the world are canceled, hand sanitizers are being sold for $70, stores don’t have toilet paper and the airports are canceling flights right and left.

Another result: thousands of schools have shut down and children are in quarantine at home, without structure and social life, but most importantly, without Torah learning.

Some schools are switching to distance learning and some are too scared to make the jump. At the Nigri International Online School, we’ve been doing this for 14 years, so we’re here to help.

We created this 8-page packet of tips to help with different aspects of learning online; the tech aspect, engagement and resources for online learning. We do this with children as young as four year old, so yes, It is possible for elementary school students to learn online.

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