Shluchim Office Upgrades Annual Shluchos Farbrengen

The Shluchim Office Announced a new venue for the annual shluchos farbrengen to accommodate larger crowds, and other upgrades for an all-around better experience. 

The Grand Shluchos Farbrengen is an annual tradition, held every year on the Thursday evening following the final Kinus session of the day.  This year, we are pleased to report on exciting changes in this great event!

Due to popular demand from many Shluchos, the Farbrengen will be moving to a larger location! This year’s Grand Shluchos Farbrengen will be held at the Jewish Children’s Museum, bottom floor, to provide a more enjoyable experience and accommodate larger groups of Shluchim.

The event will feature three simultaneous Farbrengens, two in English and one in Hebrew, each held in separate rooms. Shluchos will have the opportunity to enter several raffles and enjoy a wide range of refreshments: sushi, soups, and elaborate desserts including freshly-made donuts and treats from the Boozery.

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