Shluchim Office Launches New Speakers Website

Ever since the first Shluchim took their posts, they have always sought to provide a fresh voice for their community. As the Jewish speaker and entertainer market continues to grow, the research process can be quite daunting.

What if there was a way to simplify the connection process between speaker, entertainer, and Shliach?

Enter Speaker Central, a one-stop online database that showcases a wide variety of speakers and entertainers for Shluchim to browse. The only one of its kind, Speaker Central serves as a platform for speakers, giving them easy entry into the massive and diverse network of Chabad Shluchim and communities. In a clear and beautiful format, the website cuts out the hassle often associated with finding the right fit for any given community. 

“This is way overdue!” says Rabbi Yisroel Hahn of Spokane, WA who brings speakers multiple times a year. “The amount of time spent on researching and finding speakers will be greatly reduced. I am very much looking forward to this website.” 

When the Rebbe called for the establishment of The Shluchim Office, helping shluchim find speakers was a specified goal.

א מקום מרכזי (און א טעלעפאן) וואו יעדער שליח קען זיך פארבינדן און בעטן אן עצה אדער הילף אין קיום שליחותו במקומו, מ’זאל אים צושטעלן א רעדנער וכו’ וכו

 (משיחת שבת כינוס השלוחים תשמ”ז – ע”ד התייסדות משרד השלוחים)

“A center should be established, reachable via telephone, which every Shliach may contact to receive counsel or assistance in fulfilling his Shlichus in his location, [i.e.] finding a speaker and the like.” (Kinus Hashluchim – 5747)

Indeed, The Speakers Bureau (as it was originally named) was one of the very first programs launched by The Shluchim Office. For over 30 years, this project served as the agency which brought speaker and Shliach together for single bookings, lecture series, and extended tours. 

As we continue to develop our programs to meet the evolving needs of the Shluchim, we are excited to be taking this initiative started by the Rebbe to its next stage. 

“It’s very special to see how the Rebbe’s words come to life to assist Shluchim,” says Rabbi Gedalya Shemtov, director of the Shluchim Office. 

Shluchim can use their login to browse the database at

Speakers and entertainers are most welcome to signup on our website to join the growing database.

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