Shluchim Convene in Baltimore For Regional Kinus

Shluchim in Maryland and surrounding areas gathered in Baltimore for a regional Kinus Hashluchim. The kinus was held at the DoubleTree Hilton 1726 in Pikesville, MD.

The kinus was first addressed by Rabbi Yirmeyahu Benyoitz of the Baltimore Beis Din, who spoke about unique cases and challenges in Hilchos Gitten.

Throughout the day the shluchim heard and presented their ideas on many shlichus related topics, including a special session titled Getting and Keeping Control of Your Fundraising by Mr. Mark Wilensky from High Mark Systems, who serves as a fundraising coach to Many Shluchim.

The kinus ended with a grand banquet addressed by Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan, Head Shliach of Maryland, Rabbi Eliezer Zaklikovsky, of Monroe, NJ, and Rabbi Sholom Deitch, Chabad Northern Virginia.

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