Shloshim to Remember Rabbi Binyomin Katz, a”h

As a young bochur, Rabbi Binyomin Katz was sent undercover by the Rebbe on a secret mission to the then Soviet Union and was successful in enabling many families to emigrate. Following his marriage, he was sent on shlichus to New Haven where he served as a rov, posek, teacher, mashpia and mentor for over 50 years. His love of Torah and hasmodah in learning were an inspiration to many, and the huge library of seforim that he amassed was a testimony to his toil in Torah.

He dedicated his life to helping others and in his humble and unassuming way performed many acts of chesed, reaching out to and assisting those in need. The Rebbe’s’ mivtzoim were very precious to him and he always endeavored to do the Rebbe’s will.

Please join us in honoring his memory.

The shloshim of shliach Rabbi Binyomin Katz will be marked iyh on Wednesday night, leil lag BaOmer, at 8:30 pm, at the Jewish Children’s Museum, 792 Eastern Parkway. Please join rabbonim, askonim, family, and friends in marking this occasion.

Please share your memories with the family at [email protected]

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