Shloshim for Rabbi Binyomin Katz

Friends, family and community gathered at the JCM on Wednesday night to mark the shloshim of Rabbi Binyomin Katz, a”h.

Rabbi Azriel Chaikin, shliach and former chief Rabbi of Ukraine and Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba of the Crown Heights Beis Din spoke about Rabbi Katz’s days on Merkos Shlichus in Scandinavia and Russia. Rabbi Katz showed incredible dedication to the missions he was entrusted with, and the Rebbe showed a marked interest in the shlichus, as well as concern for his safety.

Rabbi Shmaya Katz, shliach in Manhattan, shared some words about his illustrious father. Rabbi Shea Hecht, shliach in New Haven, Connecticut shared memories from his time as Rabbi Katz’s student, and from his early days in New Haven.

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