Shloshim Held for R’ Leibel Mochkin A”H

On Monday evening, 9th of Elul, family and friends come together to mark the Shloshim of Reb Leibel Mochkin A”H, with one event being held in Melbourne, Australia at the Home of Reb Levi Mochkin and another event held at The Shul in Crown Heights.

Rabbi Levi Kaplan, a grandson of Reb Leibel A”H, Rabbi of The Shul and Principal of Cheder Chabad Monsey, emceed the event all the while sharing poignant anecdotes about his grandfather. Reb Shimon Mochkin delivered the Siyum Hamishnayos.

A roster of outstanding speakers vividly described the colorful Chassidic personality that was Reb Leibel A”H, and shared heretofore unknown details of some of his legendary exploits and accomplishments.

Rabbi Leibel Kaplan (07.35), son-in-law of the Niftar and Rosh Yeshiva of the Rabbinical College of Quebec, connected the beginning of Shas with the end of Shas and an insight as to how Reb Leibel A”H character traits embodied the ideas expressed therein.

Rabbi Yossi Garelik (32.35), nephew of Reb Leibel and Rabbi of the Geshem Center, related how Reb Leibel embodied the mesiras nefesh experience of Chabad Chassidim as they journeyed from Stalinism to freedom in the west.

Rabbi Nissan Mangel (45.00), Rov of Ksav Center, where Reb Leibel was mispalel for over 40 years, shared a fascinating story regarding Shazar, the establishment of Kfar Chabad and the role Reb Leibel played in its founding.

Rabbi Modechai Gurary (1:05.00), Rov of Chevra Shas and a neighbor of Reb Leibel, remarked how he was one of the beneficiaries of Reb Leibel’s Echelon’s (train) that transported the Chassidim to freedom. 

Mendel Mochkin (1:13.50), shared his insights as to how his Father was able to repeatedly rise to the occasion, with daring mesiras nefesh.

Rabbi Mendy Wolf (1:27.10), Director of Young Jewish Leaders of NYC(YJL), presented the details of the YJL mivtzoyim program. 

Shimon Mochkin (1:33.30), talked about the incredible honor he had in assisting his father in the last years of his life. 

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In Melbourne, Australia, Reb Levi Mochkin made a siyum on the entire Shisha Sidrei Mishna in honor of his father. Reb Cham Ber Wilshansky shared some fascinating personal experiences he had while working for Reb Leibel A”H in Lemberg in 1946 organizing the great escape from the USSR.

The Mochkin family announced at the shloshim that in honor of Reb Leibel A”H, it will be supporting the work of Young Jewish Leaders ( YJL is an initiative founded by Rabbi Mendy Wolf and Oholei Menachem, supporting and coordinating the Friday Mivtzoyim Routes whereby bochurim from Oholei Menachem go out throughout Manhattan to share a Dvar Torah, Put on Tefillin, Give the gift of Challah to every one of their “Clients” and distribute Neshek. the Family requests that all donations in the name of Reb Leibel A”H be directed to YJL (

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At the Shloshim, a video was shown that demonstrated the tangible impact these bochurim have on the people they visit on their Friday Mivtzoyim Route.

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A Memento was distributed by the Shloshim that featured articles in various publications detailing some of Reb Leibel’s exploits and some interesting little know documents recently made available by the JOINT, highlighting their work in assisting the great escape from Russia of Chabad Chassidim in 1946 and the list of people that escaped Russia, in large part due to the efforts of Reb Leibel A”H.

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The family is in the process of gathering stories, vertlach, anecdotes, recollections, impressions, pictures, videos etc. about Reb Leibel A”H.
For voice notes and text, they have created a whatsapp number where it can be sent +1-917-310-4765 and email [email protected]

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