Shliach’s Tefillin Stolen in Smash-and-Grab

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Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff, shliach to Uptown Houston, Texas, is asking locals for help after his tefillin were stolen in a smash-and-grab outside a flower store this past Tuesday. Camera footage shows how the Rabbi parks his minivan, enters the store, and shortly after, a silver Dodge with paper plates backs up right by the van. A figure exits, commits the crime, and moments later, the Dodge pulls away.

The tefillin bag is unique – custom designed leather depicting the Texas flag – with his contact information inside. Rabbi Lazaroff is making an effort on every front to retrieve them; through the local media, social media and spiritual channels too!

He posted the following message on Facebook in the hopes that his tefillin will be returned:

1. Put on tefillin in memory of mine. Come by Chabad of Uptown, I’m happy to help you put it on.

2. Check the garbage in your area to see if they G-d forbid tossed these holy articles once they realized the contents are of no value to them.

3. Share this far and wide, maybe someone saw someone sporting these custom bags, there is no other bag like it. It has my email address and phone number embroidered inside each bag.

Who knows? – Perhaps this incident will motivate fellow Jews to get more involved with Chabad of Uptown. In the meantime, our hopes are with Rabbi Lazaroff that he be reunited with his tefillin very soon!

If you have any information please contact Chabad of Houston.

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