Effort to Save Torahs Nearly Gets Shliach Arrested

The Chabad Center for Jewish Life in Pleasanton, California caught fire last night, but escaped major damage. The building, which is under construction, remains intact for the most part. Quick action by local firefighters helped limit the damage to the exterior and roof of the shul.

No immediate signs of arson were found, but authorities are still trying to find the source of the fire, which started some time after Midnight.

“An incredible thank-you to the firefighters who saved the building. They saved the Torahs and because of them we have our building,” Rabbi Raleigh Resnick, shliach at Chabad of the Tri-Valley, told the Pleasanton Weekly outside the shul Friday morning. “As a community, we will come together and rebuild, and it will be grander and greater than it was before.”

To contribute to Chabad of Tri-Valley recovery fund, click here.

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