Shliach Unveils New Street Name

By Reporter

MicroLab Road, a New Jersey street in Essex County was recently renamed ‘Miracle Way’ in honor of the new, remarkable institution ‘LifeTown‘ which will be opening there next week.

The LifeTown facility is the latest project of the Friendship Circle of New Jersey. The 53,000 sq. ft. center will offer real world scenarios in a safe and controlled environment, helping to prepare individuals with special needs for independent living. It will also host many of the Friendship Circle’s programs.

Livingston Mayor Alfred Anthony and Town Council member Ed Meinhardt joined shliach and LifeTown CEO Rabbi Zalman Grossbaum, the staff of LifeTown and a group of volunteers for the unveiling of the new street signs.

“The miracle of LifeTown is all the people, from community leaders, to our families and all the teens who volunteer, their energy and mitzvot have created miracles,” Rabbi Grossbaum said.

LifeTown’s grand opening is set to take place on Monday, September 9. The event will feature a concert by singer Yaakov Shwekey and special activities for all ages.

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