Shliach Receives Warm Thanks After Distributing 15,000 Masks

Shliach Rabbi Zalman Gurkow of Westford, MA, got a letter from the town manager warmly thanking him for distributing thousands of masks and other protective gear to locals.

Shliach Rabbi Zalman Gurkow received a warm letter of thanks from the town manager for distributing thousands of masks and other protective gear to locals.

“My small town was struggling to provide masks to its first responders. The Shlichus Market from the Shluchim Office stepped up as a resource capable of outperforming all others by far,” Rabbi Gurkow, shliach to Westford, MA explained. “To date we donated and helped facilitate the purchase of nearly 15,000 masks.”

Upon the request of many Shluchim, who at the time were unable to secure masks for themselves and their communities, Rabbi Avraham Green of the Shlichus Market jumped into action to procure bulk supplies of PPE on their behalf.

When Rabbi Green announced they had secured a supply of masks for unbeatable prices, Rabbi Gurkow bought thousands to support and service his community. Working directly with Town Management, the masks were distributed to police, fire, town agencies, school teachers, and many other essential town offices.

“I became their primary and preferred source for these face masks,” said Rabbi Gurkow. “So far we helped set them up until September. They are hoping that we will be able to also provide children’s masks for when schools reopen. In short, even now when the shortages are over, the town still can’t find a source who can beat either the price or the turnaround time that the Shlichus Market is delivering.”

“Rabbi Gurkow is just one of many examples of how much a single Shliach can affect his entire community, especially in a time of need,” shared Rabbi Green. “Boruch Hashem, we are grateful we can be a part of assisting Shluchim help their communities, whatever their needs are.”

The Shlichus Market, a project of the Shluchim Office, provides Shluchim with a one-stop shop that covers all their Chabad House needs.

Shluchim can still purchase PPE from the Shlichus Market at

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