Shliach Publishes 52 Stories of His Father

Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus, shliach to Hallandale, FL, has published 52 stories portraying the relationship between his father Reb Dovid and the Rebbe.

By reporter

In honor of the 26th year since Gimmel Tammuz, and 26 years since the passing of Reb Dovid Tennenhaus A”H, his son Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus, shliach to Hallandale Beach, Florida compiled 52 stories of his father and the Rebbe.

Reb Dovid Tennenhaus was one of the patrons of the Montreal Lubavitcher community from its beginning in 5701/1941, when the group of nine bochurim arrived from Kobe, Japan. He developed a warm connection with the Rebbe from his meeting with that group of temimim.

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