Shliach Pleads: “Give Danny a Kidney!”

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In a tearful video, Florida shliach Rabbi Pinny Andrusier describes the dire situation of his brother-in-law Danny (Chaim Daniel) who has been waiting for over seven years for a kidney.

“Just after my sister Miriam married, Danny became ill. His illness has continuously declined to the point where Danny needs dialysis daily. As of yet, unable to find a kidney, Danny has now been waiting much longer than most other patients.”

Married for nine years, the couple remains childless, due to the severity of Danny’s illness, living on dialysis daily.

“As shluchim we are always helping others. Our daily call is to reach out and help anyone in need. Today, I beg and implore, one & all. There is a young man, one of our own, who is in desperate need of our help, to save his life and to give Chaim Daniel ben Bracha, a chance to lead a normal life and IY”H have children.

“Please contact [email protected] for more information about getting tested.”

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