Shliach Gives Back to Yeshiva Community

Rabbi Yossy Gordon, director of Chabad on Campus, farbrenged with Golders Green anash on Hey Teves, giving back to the community in which he spent his ‘best yeshiva years.’

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Dozens of London anash joined a poignant Hey Teves farbrengen with Rabbi Yossy Gordon, director of Chabad on Campus International.

Rabbi Gordon, in the UK for a regional kinus, took a few hours out of his packed schedule to give back to the community that gave to him. Over three decades ago, Rabbi Gordon was a shliach in Yeshiva Gedola London for two years, which he described as his best yeshiva years. The farbrengen gave a real sense of shleimus, he said.

Gathered in Heichal Menachem, the Golders Green community was strengthened by Rabbi Gordon’s powerful message: be b’simcha and you will be mekushar. He blended his message with stories and chassidishe vertlach, deeply inspiring the 50 plus participants.

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