Shidduchim In Lubavitch: The Time is Now

Rabbi Meir Geisinsky of Five Towns, New York shares why every parent of shidduch-aged children should join this revolutionary site.

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‘Shidduchim in Lubavitch,’ better known as SIL, was developed by Rabbi Meir Geisinsky together with Moshe Raichman from to bring the ‘shidduch scene’ into the modern era.

The pair are encouraging all parents of Lubavitch singles to upload their profiles to the site as soon as they’re ready to find their bashert and begin building a home. Why wait until our children are older and have suffered through years of heartache?

While Shidduchim in Lubavitch is modeled after ChabadMatch, which has Baruch Hashem contributed to over 300 shidduchim since 2009, the two sites operate very differently.

ChabadMatch was designed to give shadchanim the ability to see who is out there, allowing them to work their magic; in contrast, the goal of SIL is to allow parents, who know their child best, to find a potential match. Parents will be able to access the profiles that have been uploaded to the website and see who seems to fit the description of what their child is seeking in a soul mate.

“We’ve heard from parents that they want to be able to control how much information is out there about their child,” said Rabbbi Geisinsky. “There are no ‘required questions;’ parents can choose what information they want to fill in, based on their comfort level. Similarly, pictures are not required, though we do recommend that they are included.”

So what are they waiting for?

“We’ve gotten a lot of support from parents and others involved in the field, and our website is ready,” Rabbi Geisinsky said. “Right now we’re working on building up a database. We need a minimum of 200 bochurim and 200 girls to register we launch this service.”

Visit to register your child and take a significant step towards securing their future happiness.

To ask questions or share suggestions regarding the site, reach out to Rabbi Geisinsky at [email protected] or [email protected].

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