Sheriffs Ticket Hatzalah Members Responding to Emergency

Officers from NYC’s Sheriff department ticketed Hatzalah volunteers as they responded to the emergency on Eastern Parkway.

By reporter

New York City now has the highest per person infection rate in the world, becoming the new epicenter of the global coronavirus pandemic. Crown Heights in particular, is in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak, with hundreds of community members sick with the virus, many needing emergency medical attention.

Crown Heights Hatzalah volunteers are on the front lines of the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, fielding dozens of emergency calls a day, and assisting the ill members of the community.

In the middle of one such call, an NYC Sheriff was seen giving a ticket to a Hatzalah volunteer, as he responded to the emergency on Eastern Parkway.

Members of the community expressed outrage at the unacceptable behavior shown by the officers, who need the community’s trust during a time of crisis.

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