Shavuos in a Box Brings Yomtov to All Ages

‘Shavuos in a Box’ initiative from Merkos 302, sends tailor-made Shavuos material for every demographic and age group.

How do we ensure that every member of our community can celebrate Shavuos? How can we bring the message and inspiration of this momentous day to every Jew? How can we give the experience of this day, and more importantly empower our communities to bring this holiday into their homes?

With the Shavuos in a Box initiative, Merkos 302 is proud to give the tools and resources, to bring the holiday of Shavuos to your community, like never before. The Shavuos in the box provides tailor made material for every demographic and age group in your community.

“Our goal is to share the experience of Shavuos to as many as Jews as possible, in the best way possible, says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, chairman of Merkos 302 There is no age or demographic that does not deserve to have the message of Shavuos available to them in an inviting and engaging manner”

Ckids Shavuos Toolbox – this fun and interactive package is a sure way to celebrate Shavuos as a family! The package includes labels and branding to decorate your kit, along with digital files for Shavuos themed games and challenges, stories and lessons, and directions for an edible craft!

Cteen Shavuos to go-  a fun and exciting activity for teens to celebrate Shavuos! The kit includes game instructions, ice cream menus, and a fun to-do list for celebrating Shavuos in a relevant way!

CYP  Shavuos unboxed- an engaging and stimulating program for the young professionals of your community! The program includes a fascinating and thought-provoking power course in the relevance and message of the Ten Commandments.

Mitzvah Society Shavuos in a box – a kit that will empower community members to experience and enjoy the holiday of Shavuos! The kit includes instruction cards for a holiday meal, along with discussion cards and cheese cake recipe sure to enhance their Shavuos at home.

JLI – a comprehensive resource, created to educate and inspire about the holiday of Shavuos! Includes an informative and insightful DIY guide for the holiday, along with lessons, classes, and a fascinating trivia game.

All of the above programming can be accessed

In this current climate, with many Synagogue and community centers closed, it is more important than ever to be able to bring Judaism home. With Shavuos in a box, all that’s needed is to open the door.

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