“Shall We Have Another?”

By Anash.org staff

As Chassidim we know how much time and emphasis the Rebbe put on encouraging Jewish couples to continue having children. At many farbrengens and N’shei Chabad gatherings, the Rebbe elaborated upon the joy and merit in having additional children and what a couple misses out on when opting to ‘plan’ otherwise. The Rebbe bemoaned a situation when conventions and conferences of all types are held for various causes, while this burning issue gets far less attention than it ought to.

Now, for the first time, a comprehensive and researched book on the subject has been published.

“Shall We Have Another? A Jewish Approach to Family Planning” is the title of the new book now making headlines in the Jewish world. The author is Rabbi Mendel Dubov, a Shliach in Sussex County, NJ, who has become known to many from his classes and writings on Chabad.org. 

The book bears approbations and blessings from some of the leading Rabbanim and Poskim in the US including Rabbi Avraham Osdoba, Rabbi Hershel Schachter, Rabbi Gavriel Zinner, and Rabbi Gedalia Oberlander.

The back cover reads:

“After having one child or more, most couples are able to consider having another. Life-changing decisions like these should be educated and well-informed ones. It is no secret that Jewish tradition encourages a Jew to continue having children should the opportunity arise. In today’s society, this position is often challenged from multiple directions. Shall We Have Another? endeavors to explain the Torah’s position on the subject and address the various challenges associated with it.”

The book begins from the basic question: why indeed is having another child so important? The sources are explored in an organized and engaging fashion with a wide range of audiences in mind.

In its second part, the book elaborates on the many joys and benefits in having a larger family. Following this are the practicalities: the approach to financial concerns, tuition costs, physical and emotional strain, the children in a large family, parental efficiency, and so on.

Finally, the last two chapters deal with the question of ‘birth spacing’, and the possible times of when childbearing may indeed need to be put on hold or ended. An appendix to the book addresses the question of ‘family planning’ for the non-Jew – a subject the Rebbe included in his Sichos and gave significant attention to.

The book is published by Mosaica Press and distributed by Feldheim. It is also available in eBook (Kindle) and soon to be available in Audiobook format.

The book debuts the week of Parshas Noach, where the Mitzvah of ‘Pru U’rvu’ appears as an instruction to mankind. Many of the Rebbe’s Sichos on the subject center around this Parsha (see Likutei Sichos Vol 25 p. 33 and onwards). Our blessing extends to Rabbi Dubov for much success of spreading this important and timely message.

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