Seven Seventy Bricks Gone Missing

By staff

Bais Chayenu, 770, has been undergoing repairs on and off for some time now. Recently, the retaining wall that surrounds the front part of the chotzer (yard) has been falling apart and needs to be rebuilt.

As Chassidim are wont to do, being that every item and detail in the Rebbe’s shul is so precious and dear to them, they see that the wall is crumbling, so they decide to take a stone as a memento.

The Vaad Bedek HaBayis, the committee responsible for maintaining the 770 building, under the direction of Rabbi Chaim Boruch Halberstam, noticed that some stones had gone missing, so they put up a sign right where the wall is coming apart.

The sign reads as follows: (free translation)

“Stones of the fence wall of the yard of 770 have gone missing. These stones are necessary in order to return the wall to its former glory. Similar stones are not to be found, so the originals are needed. Do not think that seven stones out of many matter not. Remember that which it says in Tanya, that “seven stones can build 5,040 homes.” Those that take from the wall cause that the rebuilt wall will have unoriginal stones. They are maiming “hekdesh” and are stealing.”

UPDATE: Three stones have been returned as of 7:30pm Tuesday.

The wall is to be repaired shortly, iyh.

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