Sefer Torah Celebration Concludes with Safrus Demo

Oholei Torah boys participated in an unusual camp activity – a special Siyum Sefer Torah, followed by an interactive safrus presentation.

By reporter

It was a special day for Crown Heights residents and Oholei Torah campers in particular, as they joined in a Siyum Sefer Torah on Thursday 23 Av.

The sefer Torah was brought to Oholei Torah ballroom, where the final letters were inscribed. All the campers participated in the exciting occasion, for some of whom it was their first time watching a Torah being completed.

When the Torah was ready, it was accompanied in a joyous procession to the Oholei Torah Zal, where it was greeted and celebrated with hakafos and incredible simcha brought by the children.

As part of the event, sofrim from Machon Stam visited the camp and delivered a special safrus presentation. The show was made extra sweet by the delicious ice cream and cupcakes the campers enjoyed while watching. Each talmid also received a small piece of klaf with their name written on it by a sofer.

The new sefer Torah was dedicated in honor of Mr. Chaim Dovid Greenberg, by his wife Devorah, and is being donated to Chabad of East Meadow Long Island.

Mr. Greenberg A”H, who didn’t merit to have children of his own, would have loved to see the joy on the talmidim’s faces during the ceremony, and no doubt, the merit of all their brachos will give his neshama an aliya.

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