Sefer On Significance of 70th Birthday Published


In celebration of the 70th Yom Holedes of Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky on Rosh Chodesh Sivan, a new sefer has been published on the significance of the number 70, entitled Oid Yenuven B’Seiva.

The 250-page, hardcover edition compiles insights on the age of 70 from all areas of Torah including Torah SheBiksav, Mishnah and Halochoh, Aggadah and Chassidus.

The volume also examines how Gedolei Yisroel throughout history, and the Rebbe in particular, celebrated their 70th birthday and includes letters from the Rebbeim on the importance of this milestone. The book was compiled by Rabbi Yaakov Gershon of JLI’s Machon Shmuel Research Institute. The editorial board included Rabbi Mordechai Dinerman, Rabbi Efraim Mintz and Rabbi Moshe Marinovsky.

The Sefer, published by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI), is dedicated to Rabbi Kotlarsky, JLI’s Chairman and the driving force behind its success, was distributed to the hundreds of participants at Rabbi Kotlarsky’s birthday Farbrengen last evening at the JCM.

Download a sample of the sefer here

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