Four Thousand Sets of Sefer HaMa’amorim Shipped

4,000 steeply discounted Sefer Hamaamarim sets from Lahak’s pre-summer sale have been shipped out to destinations around the globe.

For the 30 days leading up to Gimmel Tammuz, Lahak made the set of 20 Sefer Hamaamarim from the years 5711 through 5731 available to order at only $100 per set. Now the New York orders have arrived in Crown Heights.

People have been coming all day to pick up their seforim at 1507 President Street and will be able to do so until 7:00 PM this evening.

A representative from Lahak told that shipments have also gone out to Australia, France, England, Toronto, Montreal and Chicago, totaling 4,000 sets in all. “It was a very successful campaign,” he said, referring to the effort to bring the Rebbe’s Maamarim to every home.

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