Security Company Offers Free Chabad House Protection staff

Following the attack on the Poway Chabad House three weeks ago, a security company is reaching out to Chabad Houses, providing them with free intercom style security systems.

Known as Teman GateGuard, the system is an electronic interactive panel that can be affixed near entry points to a property, and can allow access to verified people even when the premises are unoccupied.

While not entirely replacing a security guard and other defense measures, Miami Beach resident Ari Teman, who is the founder of the system says that it’s the first step to securing a property in a low cost way.

“We’ve given these units before to Chabad houses, and it’s enabled the rabbis to leave the door locked and still give them the ability to let others get in the building while they are away,” said Teman.

The system is tamper and weather proof, and can be used with fobs and keycards. The panel’s 10 inch display can also show custom messages.

When interacting with the device, the user is recorded, allowing GateGuard to be used to notice unusual people attempting entry and giving a heads up for further action to be taken.

Teman was inspired by Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein’s words to take action, and not just further gun talks and the likes, as a result on the attack on his synagogue, and offered the system free of charge to Chabad Houses around the country.

In a matter of days, 100 orders came in, and have since all been fulfilled, enabling Chabad Houses to do the first steps of ensuring the safety and security of their properties.

To contact Ari Teman about the Chabad GateGuard project, visit:

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