Scrapbooks Bring Bosi Legani to Life in Long Island

Long Island Girls, the closest girls school to the Ohel, enjoyed Yud Shvat preparations and celebrations, with each grade displaying their projects and creating Yud Shvat scrapbooks.

Located only 5 miles from the Ohel, Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island has the unique merit of being the closest girls school to the Ohel. In preparation for Yud Shevat, the girls have been spending time learning Basi l’Gani, both by heart and inside, making the concepts relatable each according to their grade level. 

For Yud Shevat, the girls enjoyed a pizza lunch, special dessert and l’chaim, and an inspirational farbrengen with head shlucha of Long Island, Mrs. Chaya Teldon. The students were given the chance to present their performances or displays to the rest of the school on different topics connected to Yud Shevat such as dira b’tachtonim. Pre 1a sang a song, 1st grade performed a song-dance in costume, 2nd and 4th grade each prepared a play, and 3rd grade made a display with all seven Rebbeim and the Torah that they brought down to this world.

As part of the day, the girls created a special scrapbook page dedicated to the different aspects of what a Rebbe is. 

It was wonderful to witness each student shine in their own individual way, connecting to the day each differently, yet together. They were able to use their various talents to enhance their learning. 

Cheder Chabad Girls of LI is an elementary school that caters to Shluchim and Anash of Long Island and Queens. For more information call or text 516-447-1770 or email  [email protected]. Visit our website at to see more about us and to share in the Chinuch of our girls. 

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