“Say Yes” to 50 New Couples

On June 16th at 10 AM EST, Keren Simchas Chosson V’Kallah (KSCVK) launched its second annual Say Yes Campaign with the goal of raising $300,000 for young couples. During this time, all donations will be tripled until June 17th at 2PM EST.

We’ve seen Devora in the street, by the chuppah and in every hall that’s held a simcha. There are few organizations today as highly visible and thoroughly effective as KSCVK. In many ways, Devora’s work has been the quiet foundation of most of our lives.
Since 1993, Devora Benjamin and KSCVK have been saying “yes” to thousands of couples. Each “yes” brings together a new family. Each “yes” is another step forward. And with every step, Devora is there. From the first talk of flowers through the last Mazel Tov, KSCVK enables couples to get married with dignity and, insofar as possible, makes their wedding dreams come true. 
In the past year alone, KSCVK has assisted over 300 weddings, funded 3,000 meals, provided 200 kallahs with hair and make-up services, and arranged travel for 30 chosonim to attend their own wedding.

Today, Devora asks the community to Say Yes to KSCVK. To join with her in giving our sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters the chance to begin married life from a place of strength. A place of stability. And most of all a place of true simcha.
To Say Yes with Devora, please join at https://www.charidy.com/kscvk

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