Save the Date: Kinus Hashluchim Banquet 5780!

At Merkos headquarters, plans and preparations for this year’s Kinus Hashluchim are already well underway.

The kinus takes place annually in the days leading up to and over Shabbos Mevorchim Kislev, which will fall out on November 23 this year. The highlight of the convention is the banquet that takes place on Sunday evening, with thousands of shluchim and guests in attendance. Last year’s event drew a crowd of 5,600.

Finding a venue large enough to hold the crowd is quite a daunting task; in addition to size, the committee must take into account details such as acoustics and catering capability of the halls they consider.

This year, the Gala Banquet will be held at the New Jersey Exposition Center. Busing will be provided for all shluchim and guests who will be making the hour long trek from Crown Heights. The venue is located within close proximity of Newark airport, making it a convenient choice for those who are flying in just for the event.

All over the world, calendars have been marked for 26 Cheshvan, 5780, and the search for airline tickets is on. For those who can’t join in person, the banquet is streamed live each year, with thousands of viewers tuning in around the globe.

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