Save Our Schools: A Letter from Our Menahalim

Dear Parents שיחיו,

The right to educate our children according to our own values and hashkafos is a fundamental one. Without it, no religious community could hope to survive. This right is now under assault, and we need your help to defend it!

… From the fires of concentration camps to the frost of the gulags, our grandparents sacrificed everything so that the flame of Torah, Mesorah, and Chassidus would not fade away.

They gave everything they had, and endured great danger, in order to give their children a Chinuch Al Taharas Hakodesh! 

Today all we ask is for your financial support. This is a crucial time. We are chassidim, and we have work to do. We cannot allow anything to prevent us from teaching the next generation of the Rebbe’s soldiers about the mission they were entrusted with, and from giving them the tools they need to complete that mission. We cannot abandon the educational vision and framework left to us by our Rebbeim.  

Please help us save Chinuch today! 24 Hours left!

Sincerely, The Menahalim of Crown Heights

Rabbi Y.L. Newman – Bais Rivkah

Rabbi M. Gurary – Bnos Menachem

Rabbi M.M Yusevitz – Ohr Menachem

Rabbi H. Lustig – Oholei Torah

Rabbi L Plotkin – Bais Chaya Mushka

Rabbi Y. Sebbag – Lubavitch Yeshiva OP

Rabbi Y. Simpson – Lubavitcher Yeshiva

Rabbi E. Bension – Darchai Menachem

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