Rural Argentina Holds Kinus


Shluchim whose base of operation is outside the big city of Buenos Aires in Argentina met up last week for the first ever regional Kinus Hashluchim in the area.

For two days, more than fifteen shluchim participated in an array of workshops, seminars, and farbrengens, gleaning new and innovative ideas on how to improve their Shlichus in their respective communities.

Hosted at the Beit Chabad of Cordoba, the shluchim were joined by Rabbi Tzvi Grunblatt, Head Shliach of Argentina, who joined in the discussions and workshops, sharing stories and insights from his own experiences in the country.

The shluchim visited various local organizations and schools, where they spoke words of encouragement and reminded children to stand strong and proud as yidden even in areas with a smaller Jewish population.

The kinus ended off with a grand reception, joined by local community members, where they enjoyed an evening of inspiration and dancing.

Shluchim walked away from the kinus armed with motivation and practical ideas to further their reach in their communities.

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