Revisiting Old Lakewood

The Frierdiger Rebbe visited Lakewood, New Jersey a short while after arriving in the US in 5700/1940, and spent the first Pesach there. Back then, Lakewood was a resort town where some of the rich and famous would spend their vacations. The Rebbe was hosted by Rabbi Nissan Wachsman, rov of Lakewood. He was a talmid of Reb Isser Zalman Meltzer in the yeshiva in Slutzk, as well as other Litvishe yeshivos. The Frierdiger Rebbe also sold his chometz to Rabbi Wachsman that year.

Although not technically new, these photos were recently “rediscovered,” and we present them here in all their glory.

Rabbi Nissan Wachsman behind the Frierdiger Rebbe
Rabbi Wachsman placing the microphone
L-R: Rabbi Wachsman, Rashag, Rabbi Shlomo Aron Kazarnovsky,

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