Responsible Teaching

Mrs. Luba Gorelik of Kfar Chabad related:

I taught geography at Beis Rivkah of Kfar Chabad. Whenever we would reach certain chapters in our textbooks, I would share an explanation from the Rebbe why modern science can’t have the tools to reach concrete conclusions.

I thought that was enough. But after seeing one student’s work, in which she wrote downright apikorsus, I brought up the issue in a 5734 (1974) yechidus.

The Rebbe replied, “Under no circumstances should the students be given such material at all!”

I was dumbfounded. I told the Rebbe that these were older girls and needed to be prepared to teach. Was it not preferable that they hear these views in school, where they can concurrently hear the true approach?

The Rebbe explained, “The very fact that it is printed in a book format psychologically gives it credence. All the additional introductions and explaining are taken as less authoritative.

“Additionally, by teaching this at Beis Rivkah, an air of acceptance is subtly transmitted. The short-term solution is to make photocopies of select chapters. For the future, efforts should be invested to publish kosher learning material.”

It was amazing to see how the Rebbe understood my students, on a psychological level, better than their own teacher.

From The Weekly Farbrengen publication.

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