Renewed Push for Moment of Silence

Merkos Suite 302 has launched a renewed effort to bring the Rebbe’s campaign for a Moment of Silence (“MOS”) to our nation’s schools.

In an email to shluchim, Merkos has announced the creation of a new vaad tasked with furthering this crucial campaign. A new webpage has been set up that contains sichos, presentations, FAQs, and many other useful resources to help shluchim promote this peulah. They plan to keep updating it regularly with new resources.

To make things easier, there are separate resources for shluchim in states where a) MOS is mandated but not enforced, b) states where MOS is optional (every individual school board can decide whether to implement it) and c) states where MOS wasn’t legalized.

Today, Beis Iyar, at 2:00 pm EST, there will IYH be a webinar featuring advocate Rabbi Avraham Frank, who has made tremendous progress instituting a MOS.

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