Remembering the Pan

By Dovid Zaklikowski – Hasidic Archives

Reb Foleh Kahan had traveled from Moscow to Leningrad to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with the Frierdiker Rebbe. 

Informed that someone had arrived from Moscow, the Rebbe came out to greet him, obviously with something on his mind. “How is Yitzchok Michoel Alperovitch?” the Rebbe asked, referring to another chassid who lived in Moscow. “I did not receive a pan from him.”

Thousands of people would submit a pan, before the yom tov, asking the Rebbe to have them in mind during the prayers. In fact, Yitzchok Michoel had sent a pan that year with someone, but it had not been delivered. 

Reb Foleh assured the Rebbe that he had spoken to Yitzchok Michoel a few days before and that he was well, astonished that, among so many letters, the Rebbe had noticed the absence of one. 

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