Registration Opens for Shabbos Gimmel Tammuz at the Ohel

A larger crowd than usual is expected for Shabbos Gimmel Tammuz at the Ohel which marks 25 years.

Every year on the Shabbos before Gimel Tamuz, many flock to the Ohel to spend Shabbos davening, learning and farbrenging. When Gimmel Tammuz falls out on Shabbos, as it does this year, the crowd is much larger. Considering that this year marks 25 years, crowds are expected to far exceed those of previous years.

Ohel Chabad Lubavitch, under the leadership of Rabbi Abba Refson, coordinates lodgings and meals for those who wish to be at the Ohel over Shabbos. Processing the massive influx of registrations and requests is a massive undertaking, but the dedicated staff works tirelessly to accommodate everyone they possibly can.

In the past, guests participating in this Shabbos have described it as one of the most awe-inspiring and uplifting experiences of a lifetime. “If you wish to do one favor for your neshama,” said one shliach, “spend Shabbos Gimel Tamuz at the Ohel. There is no experience in the world that can come close.”

Register for a bed by filling out this form. Those who wish to join are asked to register as soon as possible so that Ohel Chabad staff can accommodate everyone properly. Register here.

In addition to those who reserve a bed through the Ohel’s accommodations, many guests will be staying in nearby houses and mobile homes. All guests will be invited to partake in Shabbos meals which the Ohel will provide.

You can help sponsor the meals by donating here.

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