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LubavitchTeenProgram (LTP), a summer experience for Lubavitch girls graduating of 9th and 10th grades, is proud to announce their second year. Only a few spots left.

LubavitchTeenProgram (LTP), a summer experience for Lubavitch girls coming out of 9th and 10th grades, is both fun and exceptional.

LTP fosters a strong identity of being chassidim of the Rebbe, by providing an immersion in chassidishkeit, within a warm and exciting environment. Girls will experience “A summer to take home.” Activities, learning sessions, and trips are designed to combine wholesome fun with wholesome values.

Whitewater rafting, Dingmans Falls, and mountain sliding are some the many trips that are planned for the LTP campers to enjoy, along with a two-day extravagant overnight adventure. Unique to LTP will be the exploration of nature and beyond. We plan to hike and bike along waterfalls, through forests, and to breathtaking scenic views.

All this is in addition to aquatics, arts, sports leagues, theme days, night activities and other high-quality activities.

At LTP, learning sessions are fun, challenging and interactive. The girls will have farbrengens, and learning incentive programs which will infuse girls with a chayus and warmth for chassidishkeit.

“Every girl who joins Lubavitch Teen Program will leave changed from a summer of high-quality gashmius and ruchnius. This is an opportunity for girls who are looking for a month of fun and meaning merged together.”

After a trailblazing summer we were baruch hashem bombarded with incredible feedback from campers, parents and future parents alike.

….When I asked her to describe her experience at LTP in one word, she instantly responded “Awesome”! It is truly amazing how one visionary along with a devoted team of chassidishe staff can have such a powerful positive impact on so many girls;

-Grateful Parent Summer 5778

In addition to the amazing Ruchnius, the Gashmius was great too. The food, bunkhouses, showers and general activities were really awesome and the trips were a blast…”

Camper- Summer 5778

…Each counselor and headstaff went out of their way to forge a real relationship and connection with each camper….The Rebbe always spoke about the importance of camp and now I truly understand why. LTP changed my life…

-Camper Summer 5778

We are carefully vetting our staff, ensuring they each have value systems of the highest standards. Their dedication will create a loving and caring environment, and provide girls with proper role models. In addition to the farbrengens held with the campers, the staff will also have farbrengens to strengthen each other and refocus on fulfilling this enormous shlichus. The LubavitchTeenProgram, will grant our teens a fun-filled summer fused with chassidishkeit, creating memories to last a lifetime.

LubavitchTeenProgram will be held during the second month of the summer, from Thursday: July 25 / כ”ב תמוז – Tuesday: August 20/ י”ט אב

Limited space. For more information and to Register Today, visit:

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