Kinus Hashluchim Tackles Corona Challenges

Travel restrictions created by the coronavirus, have also led to unique opportunities. The first-ever Virtual Kinus Hashluchim will be held today, with seminars in Hebrew, English, and Spanish.

By reporter

Each spring and summer, dozens of Regional Kinusim are held to bring area shluchim together to address topics pertaining to that region and plan ahead for the coming months.

This year, however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the first-ever Virtual Kinus Hashluchim will be held online today, on a specially-created web platform.

While the regional Kinus Hashluchim will continue this year as well, coronavirus has created a “region” of a different sort – the all-encompassing changes to shlichus and family life that every shliach is facing individually. 

“Our mission as shluchim not only remains unchanged but gives us the added achrayus to be a driving force of positive action and leadership,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Chairman of the Kinus Hashluchim. “In the spirit of ish es re’ehu ya’azoru, and with achdus being our greatest source of strength, this specially-focused online Kinus Hashluchim will share inspiration, support, and practical ideas and techniques to support our shlichus and family life in these times.”

Thousands of shluchim are attending today’s groundbreaking Virtual Kinus Hashluchim, which has more than 25 workshops presented by shluchim, mashpiim, mechanchim, and other professionals on topics of Ish U’beiso, Shlichus programming, financial matters and much more.

Seminars will beheld in Hebrew, English, and Spanish tracks.

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