Regional JLI Conference Held in Arizona

The past Shabbos Parshas Behar, shluchim from many Western States gathered for the Western regional Kinus in Phoenix, Arizona.

On the opening day of the regional kinus, JLI affiliates from those states joined for inspiring and informative sessions, panels and roundtables on marketing and pedagogy.

The first of eleven regional JLI conferences taking place across the globe through the summer, the event was a change from JLI’s national conference in New York.

The regional conferences allow for elevated discussion and interaction among the Shluchim and JLI representatives from New York.  The more-intimate discussions at the regional conferences deepen and expand the reciprocal relationship between JLI instructors in the field, course developers and key JLI staff to work together to meet the needs of each community.

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, JLI’s Chairman, addressed the gathering emphasizing the important role JLI plays for shluchim in making their shlichus synonymous with real limmud hatorah.

Presenters at the conference included Rabbi Yossi Friedman (Phoenix, AZ), Rabbi Yehuda Weg, (Tulsa, OK), Rabbi Bery Schmukler (Las Cruces, NM), Rabbi Motti Wilhelm (Portland, OR), and Rabbi Mendy Deitsch (Chandler, AZ), as well as Rabbis Naftali Silberberg and Zalman Abraham from JLI in New York.

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