Rebbe’s House Opens for Downsized Weddings

With the NYPD not allowing chuppahs at 770, the Rebbe’s house on President St. has become the new spot for many, giving the chosson and kalla an opportunity to see the areas usually inaccessible.

By reporter

In usual times, all weddings in Crown Heights walk over from the wedding hall to 770 for the chuppah. During coronavirus, with weddings different then we ever have seen them before, this too was stopped.

Shortly after 770 was closed for davening, the NYPD started preventing chuppahs from taking place in front of the shul. Searching for a solution that was both legal and in proximity to the Rebbe’s holy dominion, some families began making chuppahs in the courtyard of the Rebbe’s house on President St.

The idea caught on, and many families began making their downsized chuppahs there, before continuing on to a private venue for the celebration.

Following the chuppah, the chosson and kalla are brought into the house, where they have a chance to see areas usually inaccessible, including the kitchen and dining room area.

The furnishings in the house are exactly the same ones used by the Rebbe and Rebbetzin, and one can see the modest, yet classy furniture and decor chosen to service them.

Among the original furnishing, one can see a glass cabinet where exquisite china and serving dishes are displayed. The dishes had been removed following the passing of the Rebbetzin on 22 Shvat, 5748, and stored in a different area. Recently, they were returned to the china cabinet where the Rebbetzin kept them for decades.

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