Rebbe Story: He is Bringing a Tragedy Upon Himself

In the two and a half decades since Gimmel Tamuz numerous individuals around the globe have had their lives touched by the Rebbe in extraordinary ways.

Founded by Rabbis Yitzchok Raskin of Machon Stam and Mendel Meyers of Mendel Meyers Studios, aims to share these experiences with you, your friends, your family, and your world. In addition to serving as an inspiration toward spiritual growth and commitment, the telling of these stories will greatly hasten the coming of Moshiach, for, as noted by the Rebbe in a sicha in 1992, sharing with the world the miracles Hashem performs through tzadikim, profoundly increases Hashem’s glory and inspires Him to bestow His Presence upon us in an age of perfection and peace. 

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