Reb Yoel Celebrates 90

By staff

Today, 16 Shvat, marks 90 years for the preeminent mashpia and choizer Reb Yoel Kahan. wishes him mazal tov and long, healthy years!

Reb Yoel was born on 16 Shvat 5690/1930 in Moscow, Russia. As an infant, his father, Reb Folle Kahan, was arrested and sent to Siberia. His family moved to Eretz Yisroel in 5695/1935, where he learned in Yeshiva Achei Tmimim in Tel Aviv under the leading mashpi’im.

On 11 Shvat 5710/1950, he ascended a boat to travel to New York, unaware of the histalkus of the Frierdiker Rebbe.

Upon arriving in New York, he connected to the Rebbe and became the Rebbe’s primary choizer. He prepared the Rebbe’s edited maamorim and sections of Likuttei Sichos for publication. His magnum opus is Sefer HoErkim Chabad, an encyclopedia and analysis of Chassidus concepts.

Reb Yoel is the head mashpia of the Tomchei Temimim yeshiva at 770 where he has guided thousands of students in the teachings of Chassidus. He also travels far and wide to give shiurim in Chassidus and to farbreng. His audio recordings, and recent books, are used by many more around the world.

Despite his advanced age, Reb Yoel continues to work on Sefer HoErkim and deliver shiurim and farbrengs in 770 and beyond.

May Hashem give Reb Yoel the ability to continue his work until the coming of Moshiach!

The Rebbe converses with Reb Yoel during a fabrengen

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