Rambam Sets Distributed at Chabad Gate

Men, women, and children celebrated the 38th Grand Siyum HaRambam at Chabad Gate in Thornhill, ON, with guest speaker Rabbi Menachem Matusof, Head Shliach of Alberta.

The focus of the message, as introduced by Rabbi Levy Jacobson and elaborated on by Rabbi Matusof: “We can learn from the Rambam the Geon Yaakov – acting proudly to accomplish whatever is necessary  and proudly express ourselves, without any reservation or shame CH”V,  in the learning Rambam, the Rebbe’s mivtzoim, and the message of Moshiach’simminent arrival. Each individual must realize that it is up to him/her to achieve this goal without relying on others to do it.”

Rabbi Hirschel Gourarie was Master of Ceremonies and head shliach Rabbi Zalman Aaron Grossbaum opened the festivities.

The event was held l’zechus Moshe ben Victoria – may he have a full and speedy recovery.  

Mashpia in the yeshivah gedolah Rabbi Aron Kamman was mesayem, and Rabbi Levy Jacobson conducted the hascholo l’zechus Nechama Dina bas Sarah Baila – may she have a full and speedy recovery.

Several sets of Rambam were raffled. Mesivta Lubavitch of Toronto joined the celebration and brought along with them much chayus and niggunim.

Y’yasher koach R’ Eli Serebryanski and to all the organizers and sponsors of this event.

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