Rambam Authors Grace Boro Park Siyum

By Anash.org reporter

Some forty members of the Boro Park Lubavitch community gathered for an “informal and heimish” Siyum HaRambam Monday evening at the Beis Menachem Shul.

The farbrengen that followed was graced with the presence of noted mechaber of many seforim on the Rambam and philanthropist Harav Yitzchok Raitport.

Harav Yakov Peretz Bluming, mechaber of the רמב”ם הערוך and a regular mispalel at Beis Menachem spoke about his experience in compiling seforim on the Rambam and the great success that the Rebbe’s takanah brings one who observes it both materially and spiritually.

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