Raising “Digital” Kids

We live in a modern age. The wisdom of the world is available at the tip of our fingers. With the press of a button, we can find out information on any topic we can fathom. Our lives are easier than ever with apps to make every area of our lives easier, quicker and more convenient. Our lives are busier than ever making use of these apps almost a requirement. 

Our physical lives are not the only thing affected by this surge of technological advances, our spiritual lives have benefited as well. Shiurim from speakers all over the world are available any time of the day or night. Thousands of seforim are available in digital form and countless of hours of the Rebbe’s farbrengens can be explored again and again. 

Children are also reaping the bounty. With Torah videos and educational games, apps for music and coding a new subject in schools, today’s kids are leading the way to the future of advancement. 

Interpersonal relationships have taken on a new dimension with social media making the world smaller and connecting people from around the world. Friends are able to share and stay in touch with little effort. Webs of chessed are spun through WhatsApp and Facebook messages collecting tzedaka, arranging hospitality and helping those in need. 

With so much going on around us on the digital plain it’s no wonder that most people have some sort of smart device close by at all times.

But is it all too much? 

The benefits notwithstanding, is there a point where the blips and beeps and apps and screens become all-encompassing and threaten to take over our being? Perhaps less is in fact more? 

What does science say about the effects of this new reality?

What can we do to keep ourselves in the drivers seat for ourselves and our families?

Is it really so terrible for children to watch a few videos erev Shabbos so that the Shabbos meals can be prepared in peace? What about during long waits at doctors’ office?  Will playing that game on Tatty’s phone really make a difference? Should parents feel guilty about browsing on their phone while putting their kids to sleep?

Rabbi Dr. Yosef Shagalow will be addressing these important questions in a talk that promises to be enlightening and practical for day to day life.

Join Junior N’shei, Monday 29 Iyar-June 3 to hear how technology can and does affect our little children.  Sponsored by Neshamos.org, Zakon’s and several local mosdos, the evening will definitely impact you.

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