Rabbonim and Doctors Team Up for Asseres Hadibros Readings

Photo: Yisroel Teitelbaum, @lubavitch.lens

The association of Crown Heights Shuls is working with rabbonim, doctors and the 71st precinct to arrange readings of the Aseres Hadibros for every man, woman and child in Crown Heights.

With the Coronavirus still hanging atop us, Shavuos brings about a key challenge. Beginning in 5740/1980, the Rebbe requested that all men, women & children hear Aseres Hadibros.

The Rebbe emphasized that even the smallest of children, should be present at the reading of Aseres Hadibros, after all, they were the guarantors.

This year, with social distancing measures still in place, a new interface has been developed to enable all to hear Aseres Hadibros.

The Crown Heights Shul Association in conjunction with the Gedaliah Society and the Crown Heights Beis Din have put together a unique website which will include a full database of Minyonim of Aseres Hadibros, as well as options to request a Minyan or a Sefer Torah.

The organizers are requesting all current ‘Block Minyonim’ to host a second Minyan of Krias Hatorah following the completion of Davening, geared for women and children. And most importantly, to submit their Asres Hadibros reading times to the new database at AseresHadibros.com.

“This will rejuvenate the way people hear Aseres Hadibros” said Mendel Mintz, one of the organizers. “Once the full database is completed, a large marketing campaign will be launched with the Aseres Hadibros scheduling around Crown Heights.”

Organizers are also working with the 71st Precinct to see the possibility of street closures during the Torah readings.

All are asked to visit AseresHadibros.com and submit your Torah reading times.

If there’s anything the organizers can be the help of, they can be contacted at [email protected].

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