Rabbis Meet Partners at Young Professionals Summit

Rabbis and Jewish professionals from across the globe came together on Sunday for the Annual CYP (Chabad Young Professionals) Young Partners’ Summit. The summit brings together leaders from around the globe who are making a difference in their local Jewish communities. It celebrates the partnerships which have given rise to the revolutionary growth in young Jewish life.

The day-long program was held in conjunction with the International Kinus Hashluchim, and took place on Sunday,  November 24, culminating with the Gala Banquet where attendees joined over 5,600 other guests and Shluchim from around the world.

The day began with shluchim joining their young supporters at the Ohel to report their progress and challenges and ask the Rebbe’s brocho for success in their partnership. The program continued with a cocktail hour and rotating discussion groups at Chabad of the Bowery. The informal think tanks emphasized sharing ideas, challenges, and experiences to improve and grow as young Jewish leaders, and how to help their communities worldwide.

The highlight of the event was the plenary panel; the delegates appreciated an intriguing discussion with three global business leaders who are all strong supporters of Chabad.

The panelists included Mr. Shaun Bacher, Founder and Chairman of Bacher and Co; Mr. Shmulik Aizenberg, Founder and CEO of Ocean Management; and Mr. Joe Teplow, Founder of Rebel and Good Today, and serial tech entrepreneur.

The discussion was moderated by Rabbi Itche Itkin, CYP Shliach in Kansas City, and explored a wide variety of topics including why the panelists choose to give to Chabad, how they started giving, and their relationship with the Rebbe. Mr. Joe Teplow related, “My first exposure to Chabad was a gathering of students, talking about their challenges being Jewish students. Now, I have around 150 Jewish students and young professionals at my table on Friday nights. I’m happy and blessed to be an extension of the very Chabad vision that invited me in when I was searching for my Jewish experience.”

The panel was introduced by Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director at Merkos 302, who encouraged the participants to engage and empower their peers. “You being here, in this room, is not enough – your role is not done,” he emphasized. “Who can you bring into ‘this room’? Who can you uniquely reach and inspire, to connect to Judaism and connect to Chabad?”

Kotlarsky also announced the expansion of the CYP Ambassadors Fellowship with year-round Ambassador Mitzvah Programs for every young professional to participate in, empowering CYP members to engage their families, friends, and acquaintances with Jewish experiences.

“The summit inspired those present to double down on their partnerships with their local Shluchim,” said event organizer and coordinator Rabbi Beryl Frankel, Director of Chabad Young Professionals International. “We are looking forward to seeing its effect continue to grow throughout the upcoming months.” 

“It is always a pleasure and a true inspiration to be in a room full of like-minded young Jews from across the globe who are all trying to make themselves better, their communities better, and all of the world better, inspired by the teachings of the Rebbe,” said attendee Justin Lesnoy of Deepcurrents Investment Group.  

Chabad Young Professionals are encouraging and fostering Jewish connections throughout the world. Communities of young, driven, and like-minded Jews, from different backgrounds and environments, bonding and uniting to form a community.  A community, not based in a building or location, but rather on relationships and connections. 

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