Rabbi Yitzy’s Son Shares His Father’s Words

In a moving address, Sholom Hurwitz shared his father’s heartfelt words to his fellow shluchim.

by Anash.org reporter

Sholom Hurwitz, son of Rabbi Yitzy Hurwitz, was honored with sharing the D’var Torah at the Kinus Hashluchim banquet.

The true honor, however, was felt by the thousands hanging on to every word, words penned by someone they know as a hero.

Once upon a time, Rabbi Yitzy was a shliach with an ordinary life, devotedly caring for his family and community. Several years ago, he was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Since then, Rabbi Yitzy and his wife Dina have inspired hundreds of thousands with their strength, their faith, and their commitment to everything they believe in.

Both Rabbi and Mrs. Hurwitz are gifted writers. When Rabbi Yitzy lost his ability to speak, he began using a machine that allowed him to communicate by sensing his eye movements. Communicating this way is strenuous; nevertheless, he uses this medium to share Divrei Torah with friends, family and admirers across the globe.

Tonight, Rabbi Yitzy’s son Sholom gave over a Dvar Torah that was written by his father for this occasion. Though he himself is not present at the Kinus, his spirit is strongly felt by the thousands of shluchim who feel a special connection with their heroic colleague.

To donate to Rabbi Yitzi’s medical costs, visit hurwitzfamilyfund.com

Watch a replay of the banquet at Anash.org.

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