Rabbi Yitzi Welcomed at Airport

Friends were on hand to greet Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz as he landed Wednesday afternoon at Westchester Airport. Rabbi Hurwitz is making the trip to New York to celebrate his son’s Bar Mitzva.

The Hurwitz Family Fund Vaad has written a letter to Hatzala Air, thanking them for making all of this possible.

Dear Mr. Eli Rowe and the entire HatzolAir staff  שיחיו,

Mee KeAmcho Yisroel! You are incredible human beings! Thank Hashem and thank you for being His extraordinarily gracious messengers. Our gratitude to you knows no bounds for your phenomenal kindness and generosity in organizing Yitzie Hurwitz’s trip to New York with his family to celebrate his youngest son’s Bar Mitzvah.

From entirely funding the costs and aircraft for the flight, to the medical professionals and equipment, to all the emergency transport details necessary for moving someone in such a situation—you have delivered with such love, care, and compassion and made it all happen with such skill, ease, and competence.

Your deed can only be described as a tremendous act of chessed that combines, among others, the great mitzvahs of Bikur Cholim, Ahavas Yisrael, Gemilus Chasodim, and even Pidyon Shvuyim!

For years Yitzie Hurwitz has been confined to his bed with ALS, unable to move a limb, breathing with the help of a trach tube and constant suctioning by an aide. But he’s intellectually alert, in full possession of his senses, fighting to stay alive and be a positive and shining light to his family and to thousands of his students and visitors from around the world.

His need for round-the-clock medical assistance and the difficulties and costs of transporting him have basically made it near impossible for him to get out. He has been unable to celebrate his sons’ Bar Mitzvahs the way most proud Chabad Chasidim have – to bring their son to the Rebbe for an Aliyah. For several years now he has been unable to visit 770 and the Ohel for himself, to daven, absorb, and draw inspiration and chizuk when he needs it most. He has been in a jail of sorts – physical, emotional, and spiritual.

And now, in time for his youngest son’s Bar Mitzvah, through the miracle and blessing of Hatzolah Emergency Air Response Team, you have made the unimaginable possible! You have given him a gift of freedom that will make an indelible impact on his life and his son’s life, forever.

We can’t thank you enough. Yitzie’s family, friends, fans, and supporters of the Hurwitz Family Fund can’t thank you enough. May Hashem bless you with phenomenal success and sweetness in your work and personal lives, and may we very soon reach that time when all the ill will be cured and your aircraft and team will be recruited in bringing us all to our Holyland, with the coming of Moshiach now.

Our warmest wishes to you for a כתיבה וחתימה טובה לשנה טובה ומתוקה


Rabbis Simcha Backman, Yossi Baitelman, Shlomo Bistritsky, Shmuel Fogelman and Reuven Mintz

The Hurwitz Family Fund Vaad

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