Rabbi Even-Israel Steinsaltz Composes Tefilla for Coronavirus Battle

An original tefillah composed by world-renowned Chabad scholar Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinzaltz) for times of distress was adapted by his sons for the global coronavirus battle.

By Anash.org reporter

An original tefillah composed by world-renowned Chabad scholar Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinzaltz) for times of distress was adapted by his sons for the global coronavirus battle.

The tefillah, composed during an earlier crisis a few years back, was slightly adapted by his sons Rabbi Meni Even-Israel and Rabbi Amechaye Even-Israel for the current coronavirus global crisis. Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinzaltz) then checked over the tefillah and signed his name on it.

The text of the tefillah was provided to Anash.org by Rabbi Meni Even-Israel.

(“וְהָיָה טֶרֶם יִקְרָאוּ וַאֲנִי אֶעֱנֶה עוֹד הֵם מְדַבְּרִים וַאֲנִי אֶשְׁמָע” (ישעיהו סה, כד

“And it shall come to pass that, before they call, I will answer, and while they are yet speaking, I will hear” (Isaiah 65:24)

Ruler of the world, Father of mercy, Master of Justice:

Have mercy and save Your children who dwell in Your world, which You created with the Attribute of Kindness.

Rescue them from an unseen enemy, ransom them from death, protect them from dread.

Send us Your light to brighten up the broken hearts of orphans, fathers and mothers, men and women who have lost their dearest ones.

Send a full recovery to the ill and the afflicted, those on respirators and in isolation; and give strength, might, and hope to Your people, Your land and Your world.

Ruler of the world, grant insight to the nations so that they will remove from their hearts the hatred of others at this time;

Send the light of Your wisdom into the hearts of those who believe falsehood; enlighten the minds of innocents who hear false reports; send a spirit of charity and justice into Your world; 

Help people build and plant, assist those who are truly suffering; straighten the paths of the world.

Provide a full recovery for the sick of your people, the House of Israel, wherever they are, and for Your children all over the world.

Father of Mercy, who is faithful in His covenant, the time has come for You to send to Your world tidings of salvation and redemption

Which will comfort all Your children and offer them peace and blessings, light and joy.

  1. We must all increase our Torah learning, to the best of our abilities.
  2. We must intensify our service of God, which is the service of the heart, the service of prayer. The only service of God left to us is prayer and reciting psalms. Whether we understand everything or nothing, whether we pray in accordance with the kabbalistic intentions of the Ari or without any such thoughts, this is the essence of our entire worship of God. Do we know anything?! Do we understand anything?! As Rabbi Samson of Chinon would say: “I pray with the mind of a child.” Would that we could pray here and now like children. 
  3. We must also increase acts of lovingkindness. One can give a penny to charity, and one can also donate a larger sum. It is not only those of means who can perform acts of kindness; one can be kind by giving a hand and helping others. Believe me, smiling at someone is also an act of kindness. 

Hebrew Original

:ריבון העולמים, אב הרחמים, אדון המשפט
רחם והושעת את בניך ואת ילדיך השוכנים בעולמך שבראת במידת החסד
.הצילם מאויב בלתי נראה, פדם ממוות, הגן עליהם מן האימה
,שלח נא אורך להאיר את הלב הנשבר של יתומים ויתומות
.של אבות ואימהות של נשים וגברים שאיבדו את הקרוב להם
שלח רפואה שלמה לחולים ולנפגעים, המונשמים והמבודדים, ותן עוז ועוצמה, תקווה ותוחלת לעמך, לארצך ולעולמך
,ריבון העולמים, תן תבונה לעמים להסיר מלבם איבת הזולת בעת הזאת
שלח אור בינתך בלב המאמינים לדברי שקר , האר את עיני התמימים השומעים לעלילות שווא, שלח רוח צדקה
.ומשפט בעולמך, סייע לבני האדם לבנות ולנטוע, לעזור לסובלים באמת, ליישר דרכי עולם
ולמצוא רפואה שלמה לחולי עמך בית ישראל בכל מקום שהם ולילדיך בכל העולם
.אב הרחמים הנאמן בבריתו, כבר הגיעה העת שתשלח לעולמך בשורת ישע וגאולה
.לנחם את ילדיך כולם, לתת להם שלום וברכה, אור ושמחה

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