Rav Segal to Focus on Community

After 33 years of teaching in Oholei Torah, Rav Shlomo Segal is leaving his position as magid shiur to focus on communal work and rabbonus in Crown Heights.

Since 5766/2005, when Rav Segal became a rov in Crown Heights, he has been dividing his time between teaching, rabbonus and kashrus.

In a letter to Oholei Torah, Rav Segal wrote that there has recently been an infusion of young energy in the yeshiva staff and he feels the time is right to respond to repeated requests to dedicate more time to the needs of the growing Crown Heights community. He thus requested permission to end his tenure in Oholei Torah at the end of this school year.

In a letter, Rabbi Rosenfeld replied that it is difficult to let go of a high-caliber teacher who has invested so many years in educating and guiding students; yet, since there have been many requests by the community, he gives Rav Segal his full permission. However, he asked that Rav Segal should still come to the yeshiva from time to time to give a shiur.

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