Rabbi Raitport Visits His Zal

This past 24 Teves, HaRav Yitzchok Raitport, a longtime friend and supporter of Oholei Torah, came to give a Shiur in the Raitport Beis Medrash. As he entered the Zal, he was greeted by all the members of the Hanhola including the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yisroel Freidman, Rabbi Nachman Schapiro, Rabbi Elchonon Lesches and many others. Members of the administration also came to greet Rabbi Raitport, including Rabbi Sholom Rosenfeld, Director of Oholei Torah.

Harav Raitport was visibly impressed with the growth of the Zal, with more than 50 more Bochurim this year alone, and also with the addition of a special Shiur Hey, something that is unique to the Chabad Yeshivos. 

In general, Harav Raitport has a personal connection with the Beis Medrash, as he invested much support over the years and takes a constant interest in the Gashmius and the Ruchnius of the Bochurim. HaRav Raitport feels at home in the Zal and has a special connection with many of the Hanhalas Hayeshiva. 

Rabbi Nosson Blumes, of the Development Office, introduced Rabbi Raitport, saying that just  as Oholei Torah has grown to be an empire of Torah and Chassidus, so, too, Harav Raitport’s Seforim, Divrei Torah and Ma’asei Tzedaka has grown, all with the Rebbe’s vision and Brochos. 

Harav Raitport delved into the Sugya that the Bochurim were learning – Mesechta Kiddushin – and enlightened them with many thought provoking questions and thoughts that they hadn’t noticed before. The Bochurim and the Roshei Yeshivas discussed the Shiur well after Rabbi Raitport left.

HaRav Raitport also shared some stories and interactions he had with the Rebbe when he was a bochur in 770, and stressed the point that the Rebbe wanted Bochurim to sit and learn. “This is what brings the Rebbe Nachas from Talmidim”, he said.

After the Shiur, HaRav Raitport davened Mincha and then he sat with Rabbi Yisroel Friedman, Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Stern, Menahel of Shiur Hey, and the Talmidim of Shiur Hey, to speak at length about learning and to delve further into the Shiur that he gave. 

Harav Raitport’s greatest Nachas is to see the Bochurim sitting and learning, delving into the depth of the Sugyas, and truly understanding what the Gemara is teaching us. 

“Az Bochurim horevehn in lehrnin, this is the great Nachas that I can have.  It is a great z’chus for me and my family,” HaRav Raitport said, “to be part of such a Mossad Kodesh.”

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